Zhejiang branch to teach you how to use the washing machine skills

Source:Zhejiang Jinhua Kedi Technology Co., Ltd.Release time:2016-01-02

In our daily maintenance process of washing machines and washing vehicles for users, we find that different people do not have sufficient skills when using the machine, which will bring certain damage to the machine. Over time, the effect of the machine will change. Poor, in order to allow the majority of users to use our machine better and more assured, now we will teach you a few points of attention when using the machine, and hope to bring you some help.

1. After receiving the new machine, the user should not rush to use it, but check the machine again to see if the parts of the machine are damaged during the transportation and whether the screws are loose.

2. Carefully read the machine manual and precautions.

3. In the process of adding clean water, it is necessary to prevent clean water from splashing on the electrical appliances inside the machine, causing damage to the electrical appliances. If water enters accidentally, stop using it immediately, open the case cover, and dry the water before continuing to use it.

4. When the machine stops working, the drain valve should be closed first, and the suction switch should be turned off after waiting ten seconds.

5. The machine should be cleaned up in time after work every day, especially the sewage tank.

6. Charge it in time and don't use it at a loss.

7. Park the machine at the designated location and check the battery fluid regularly

If you have any questions during use, please contact us in time.

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